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The best gift ever, Prisms that you fill with water shine big, glowing rainbows! Set a mood and give the Gift of color with one of these Pyramid Lamps! These mandala Gifts will enhance any window  with good energy! Stained glass boxes make  people happy and are colorful and unique! Arouse the senses with a very special gift with a  beautiful 2 wheeled glass kaleidoscope!

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Water Prisms...The Magic of Dancing Rainbows

Buy Colorful Stained Glass Gifts to Brighten your Life

Our Unique Gifts are Ideal for any Occasion

Star of David Water Prism

Water Prisms, Pyramid Lamps, Mandalas, Kaleidoscopes and Glass Boxes will shine beautiful colors and delight everyone with the joy of inspiring light, making these
glass Gifts of Light, perfect gifts for anyone at any age.

Handmade quality at affordable prices, direct from the artists

"Your water prisms are simply amazing! Just wanted You to know how blown away we were with the HUGE rainbows created across our walls & ceiling, etc. The healing aspect is immediate. Thank You once again, this made a wonderful anniversary gift. We plan to add (at least), one per year.
Thanks, A Happy Customer

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Double diamond prisms make great gifts to enjoy everyday

Prisms and color can
enhance anyone's life.

Give a Gift of Glass
that will shower you with brilliant
of the year


We Offer
Great Glass
Gifts of Light

Water Prisms

Imagine Gifts to surround someone in rainbows!

Illuminating the
World with Color and Light

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for any reason

or occasion

Get a Special Gift

that keeps

Giving everyday.


We have affordable
glass gifts
for everyone.

With each gift, we will include
a gift card with a personal
note from you.

For these gifts, the magic begins at night with Pyramid Lamp Light.

More Pyramid Light Magic...


This Gem prism is a classic shape for rainbows

Glass prisms can make a
sweet gift for that
hard-to-shop-for friend

There's always room
for rainbows; and prisms
will make you feel good


Rainbows by the Handful and More...

Gifts of Water Prisms  can make anyone feel good

Rainbows glow with an incredible intensity of color

These incredibly large rainbows

are produced by
Water Prisms,

Glass prism sculptures
are created in many different
prism shapes and then
filled with water.

Place in a sunny window
and then enjoy brilliant
full spectrum
rainbow colors.

are also created from our
Water Prisms as they can refract the full moon at night, twinkling like rainbow stars
in your home.


Glass Prisms are so peaceful glistening in the light

Imagine in your own home...

Rainbows dancing, pulsating, moving
and flickering on the ceiling, across the
floor; streaking across
the walls with all the
glowing colors of the
rainbow spectrum.

Brilliant Rainbow
colors will fill
the room,
cascading across the
furniture or anything else in it's path with
soothing purples,
ultra-violet blues, calming emerald greens,
colorful oranges,
vibrant yellows and
fiery ruby reds.

Glass Mandalasa play with light and shadows
Lotus Blossom Glass Mandala would make a stunning gift for that very special person in your life.

Liven Up
any Window
with Colorful
Glass Mandalas.

Glass Mandalas made with
Stained-Glass, Glass Crystals,
Beveled Glass, and Glowing Glass Jewels.

A Gift that glows all night, Anasazi Sun Pyramid Lamp creates a nice mood.
A gift of soothing colors to bathe in,Taos Blue Pyramid Lamp radiates the mellow blues.

Brilliant Colors
Glow with Energy
on surrounding walls
from this Glass
Pyramid Lamp.

Point at this
Pyramid Lamp to see soothing blue colors Radiate and Emerge,
Creating a Nice
Peaceful Light.

A very special gift for that very special person.

Give a cool pyramid gift .

Elegant jewelry box

with many compartments to show off your
special jewelry

Glass Pyramid Boxes,
will open to energize
whatever you desire.





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