During winters, homeowners typically have evenings in their relaxing living rooms, cookouts with their families, and lazy afternoons inside their house. However, your house will not feel comfortable or cool if you have a dirty HVAC system. This is particularly true for your ductwork.

That’s why furnace and duct cleaning is so important. However, when should you clean your ducts? Well, the best way is to look for signs. Before you hire 24 hour heating and air conditioning St Catharines, here are several signs to look for:

Airflow is not Consistent from One Room to Another

If you have observed that your bedroom, bathroom, or guest room does not get a similar airflow level that other areas of your house do, you may have an issue with your dirty ducts. Keep in mind that vents that are totally open needs to provide a consistent airflow from one room to another.

If you give a professional HVAC technician a call, you can enhance the comfort level across your house. They will examine the vents, check for dust and dirt accumulation, and recommend a solution that keeps your HVAC system running as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

You Detect Mold Around and Inside Your HVAC System

The dust has a bad impact on your health. However, mold is an entirely new factor. Aside from worsening respiratory issues and allergies. Mold can also quickly spread across your house. It is vital that you immediately take action to preserve the indoor air quality of your house if you see mold around or inside your HVAC system.

Aside from comprehensive duct cleaning, a professional HVAC technician might also suggest that you take extra precautions against additional moisture in your house. Mold thrives in wet places. This is one thing that you could prevent if you optimized settings on your thermostat or have a dehumidifier. Also, a UV germicidal light can provide a direct solution if your AC unit appears to attract mold.

The Vent Covers and Registers Have Noticeable Dust

Sometimes, dirty ducts reveal themselves through the accumulation of dust on the registers and covers. This still happens even if you clean your home every week. Also, you may see strange dust levels distributed around your house. This will often make you wonder if you forgot to clean. That’s why it is best to hire an HVAC professional to check and evaluate the ductwork of your house.

Talk with a professional technician about air purifiers or high-quality air filters to avoid dust accumulation in the future.

You Have Not Changed the Filter for a Long Time

You should not allow the air filter of your HVAC system to go unchanged for more than 60 days. Your air filter is accountable for trapping pet dander, pollen, debris, and dust. However, these particles can gather in your ductwork once it is filled.

That’s why it is best to clean or change your air filter. If you do not know how, you can always hire a professional HVAC technician for preventative maintenance.